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rapid stapler R106 by SALCOR106 Saddle Stapler is the first and only "gangable" combination stapler ever introduced.


R106 Gangster
R106 saddle stapler is a new improved version of R101E

R106 Features:
R106 saddle stapler adjustable power control allows precise impact setting. Dual adjustable touch trips enable exact staple placement. Hinged safety shield automatically shuts power off when lifted. Detachable foot pedal. Gangster option allows multiple head stapling by linking units together with fiber-optic cables. R106 stapler thin design and optional narrow table allows stapling of very narrow materials.


R106 Rapid stapler is a new improved version of R101E. R106 electric saddle stapler is the first and only "gangable" combination stapler ever introduced to the printing industry. When operated in either flat or saddle position, R106 stapler is capable of stapling from 2 to 45 sheets.
R106 Gangster package includes: 2 electric saddle staplers R106; 1 16" Fiber Optic Cable;2 Foot Pedals and your option of EITHER 2 2.4" Narrow Table OR 1 Gang Plank.

The 90-Day parts and labor warranty for R106
begins on the date of sale to an end-user.

Single Head:
R106   $661.00  $499.00 our price
Gangster© with 2 2.4" Narrow Table:
R106G2   $1318.00 $1213.00 our price  
Gangster© with 1 Gang Plank:
R106G1   $1318.00 $1213.00 our price

R106 stapler's optional stand
R106' Optional stand
Accessories for R106 Stapler:
16"Fiber Optic Cable          $ 53.25
28"Fiber Optic Cable          $ 57.95       
Stapling Head for R106       $ 55.65        
Gang Plank for R106           $116.85       
2.4"Narrow Table with        $ 63.65       
Adjustable Stand                 $180.00
Adapter Kit for Stand*        $ 48.00

*Allows 2 or more electric saddle stapler R106 units
to be mounted on the Adjustable Stand.

R106 Staples:
210/6EBS  1/4" Staples for electric saddle stapler 

210/8EBS 5/16" Staples for electric saddle stapler

210/8.5EBS  11/32" 
Staples for electric saddle stapler

Electric Blue Streak (EBS) staples for R106
210/6EBS    1/4"  5M     $6.90
210/8EBS    5/16" 5M    $8.10
210/8.5EBS 11/32" 5M  $9.25

210 Series electric Blue Streak (EBS) staples also fit Acme,
Faber-Castell, and Interlake Models 100, 100E, R105, 101, 101E, and electric stapler R106 with 66/6-8 Heads.

R106 saddle stapler gives users an incredible amount of flexibility in stapling applications. Simply by adding extra units and fiber-optic cables, users can go from single head to multiple head stapling in less than 10 minutes. Salco is your first name in innovative stapling products.

R106 stapler specifications

Throat Depth
Width (Total)
Minimum Head Separation
(Gangster© Package Only)     
Maximum Head Separation
(Gangster© Package Only)    
Staple Load

14 lbs.
10 "


210/6EBS 1/4"
210/8EBS 5/16"
210/8.5EBS 11/32"


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