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Acrylic Stays Open Overnight

Better than standard rubber-base inks, Spinks' Acrylic sets and dries faster and has a higher gloss. It will not skin in the can or on the press, and it prints on coated or uncoated stock. Acrylic works with all plates. It is the perfect choice for integrated or conventional dampening systems. It’s the “Stay-Open-Overnight” ink.

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Permabind Hard Drying, Laser Safe

This laser-safe ink is ideal for non-porous substrates. It binds hard to give excellent rub resistance. It has low V.O.C.’s and is very user friendly. It works with original laser technology as well as current laser imprinting equipment.


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Quickset Oil Base, Laser Safe

Quickset is the premium, oil-base ink. It’s laser-safe and dries quickly for even the toughest work-and-turn projects. Quickset delivers high gloss in smooth-running, low tack formulation.

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Pantone®** Guides and Mixing Kits
Item No. Description
PS1000 PANTONE® Color Formula Guide
PSMB PANTONE® Metallic Color Guide
PSCG PANTONE® Process Color Imaging Guide
MK-1 Mixing Start-Up Kit (triple beam scale)
MK-2 Mixing Start-Up Kit (digital scale)
Ink Mixing Supplies
5002 Triple Beam Scale (grams)
5005 Triple Beam Scale (parts)
S5001 Digital Ink Scale (1 lb capacity)
S5013 Digital Ink Scale (13 lb capacity)
5003/5006 Triple Beam Weight Set
9P 1 lb Plastic Jar with Lid (Box of 6)
9M 1 lb Gold Metal Can with Lid (Box of 6)
9.5 5 lb Gold Metal Can with Lid (Box of 5)
Ink Knives
S43350 Ink Spatula (8" semi-flex, 2 1/4" flat end)
S20540 Ink Spatula (10" semi-flex, 1/2" round end)
S43650 Ink Scraper (5" flex, 4" wide)
S41550 Putty Knife (1 1/2" blade stiff)
S41700 Putty Knife (1 1/2" blade flex)
S21300 Ink Palette Knife (5" semi-flex, 7/8" wide)
Fountain Solutions
S3005 Spinks C.F.S. Fountain Solution
3PZ Spinks Complete Fountain Solution
Press Supplies
KE125 Kwik-N-Easy (17 oz.)
ASIS-200 Anti-Skin Spray (14 oz.)
BA125 Baron's Image Remover (3 oz, 6 bottle min)
S6010 Blue Crystal Hand Soap Cleaner (2 qt)
S6001 Citrus Hand Cleaner w/ Pumice (2 qt)
3008 Economy Digital pH Pen
3007 Digital Pen
3009 Digital Conductivity Meter
2015 Denim Printer's Apron