Base-Line Pressroom Products

Base-Line Pressroom Products

Laser Direct™ Polyester Plates

Laser Direct polyester laser plates provide first generation print quality and are ideal for short runs and spot color printing jobs. Laser Direct plates are imaged directly from a computer to a high resolution, dry toner laser printer or copier and then prepped and run with Laser Direct Plate Starter and Fountain Solution.

Laser Direct polyester laser plates feature a unique coating that provides fast turnaround and excellent quality. This coating offers improved handling properties and a unique surface structure that improves the printability of solids and halftones. Laser Direct polyester plates offer 10,000 impressions and screens of 120 LPI (1200 DPI) or better, 2 sided.

Laser Direct Plates are Boxed 100 Plates per Package

Item Number Size
BL-LASER-50010-100 10 x 15
BL-LASER-50015-100 10 x 15-1/2
BL-LASER-50020-100 11 x 18
BL-LASER-50025-100 11 x 18-1/2
BL-LASER-50022-100 11-1/4 x 18-1/2
BL-LASER-50030-100 12 x 18
BL-LASER-50031-100 12 x 19-3/8
BL-LASER-50035-100 13 x 19-3/8
BL-LASER-50036-100 13 x 19-7/8
BL-LASER-5501 Deletion Pen
BL-LASER-54103-B Laser Direct Universal Fountain Solution GAL
BL-LASER-520701-B Laser Direct Plate Cleaner QT