Base-Line Pressroom Products

Base-Line Pressroom Products

Pre Ruled Masking Sheets
Formatted for more than one hundred different presses

Since 1948, Base-Line has provided labor saving pre-ruled masking materials manufactured to meet press manufacturer specifications. Base-Line's industry standard 1/4" grid and unique reference marks enable accurate film positioning and reduce make-overs caused by stripping errors.

Base-Line masking materials are consistent...consistent coating for level, smooth surfaces...consistent quality to ensure resistance to kinking and tearing, freedom from pinholes and irregularities, and cuts that are smooth and easy...consistent box-to-box and sheet-to-sheet dependability.

Base-Line materials (goldenrod, orange and mandarin papers and now orange vinyl) block all undesirable spectrums of light while offering ample translucence. They are available in imperial (U.S.) or metric ruling. Base-Line also manufactures the Kelly TRU-LINE brand of pre-ruled masking sheets.

Item Number Press Model - ABDick
BL-ABD-350  350
BL-ABD-360A 360/8805
BL-ABD-375 375
BL-ABD-9800 9800
BL-MGD-20 380
BL-MGD-22-A 382/385/9880/9890
BL-ATF-15 15/115/215
BL-ATF-17 17/117/217
BL-ATF-2000 2000 & X-Series
BL-D-221/500 221/500/501/502
BL-D-600 600/601/660
BL-D-233/700 233/700/701/702
BL-H-500 500
BL-H-600 600/660/665
BL-H-601 601/602/611/612/661/662/Duetto
BL-H-700 700/770
BL-H-800 800 (18hole)/880/885
BL-H-C248 C248
BL-H-C252 C252
BL-M-1218 1218
BL-M-1250-R-3 1250
BL-M-1250-W 1250W/1250LW 
BL-M-1330 1330/1360/1450/1650
BL-M-1850 1850/1860/1870/1960
BL-MGD-25 25
BL-KR-290 290/2800/960
BL-KR-2800-CD-XL 2800CD-XL
BL-KR-3200-13 3200/PFA/975 13" Plate
BL-KR-3200-MCD 3200MCD/985 19-3/8
BL-KR-3302-SE 3302/3302M
BL-KR-480 480/480D/500N
BL-R-30/90 R30/90 Series
BL-R-38/50 R38/50 Series
BL-TOKO-4750 4750
BL-ABD-9800-PB 4750
BL-U-1015 10 x 15 Universal
BL-U-1117 11 x 17 Universal
BL-U-1319 13 x 19 Universal